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How do I submit my Measurements?
You will be asked to give your Measurements once your proceed from the Kitbag page. 
How a particular Measurement is to be done is mentioned with an image.
You can either give your body Measures or your best fitting Garment's Measurements.

Do I have to Measure my body or give Garment Measurements?
You can either give your body Measures or your best fitting Garment's Measurements.

What if I make a mistake in measuring?
In most cases we are able to pick out an absolute wrong Measurement. We will then get in touch with you to give the correct one. We strongly recommend to recheck all the Measurements before finalising the order.

I do not have a measuring tape handy?
You can download a self print-cut-paste measuring tape (pdf format) from here. You simply need to print this on a A4 paper, cut along the cutting marks and paste as indicated.

Can I get a best fitting Garment replicated ? Do I need to send it to you ? How do I get it back?
Yes, we can replicate your best fitting Garment as it is. Yes, you will have to send it to us with your instructions. We will Ship it back alongwiht your new order.

While you are ordering, you will asked if you would like to replicate an existing Garment. You can select this option and follow the process.

Can I order Pilot Shirts in colours other than white? Do I have options of different fabric type ?
Yes, you can. We can arrange fabric in pratically any colour of your choice. Pl drop a mail with your choice of colour & fabric and we shall take it further from there.

How long does it take to Ship ? Is Shipping charged extra ?
We usually take 2-4 weeks to Ship an order. However, during Christmas and other season time it may stretch between 4-6 weeks too. Shipping is free to most destinations like USA, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Australia. Extra Shipping fee may apply for other destinations.

Can I order in combination of different fabric types, sleeve lengths etc. ?

Yes, you can order in any combination.

Will the Shirt, Trousers shrink after the first wash?
All blended cotton Shirts are pre washed thus they wont shrink. We use high quality pre shrunk fabric to make 100% cotton Shirts which shrink very little (practially zero) on first wash. Trousers are made of poly viscose fabric, which does not shrink.

Can I return an ordered Garment ?

The Garment is made for you in your specific Measurement, thus they are non refundable. However if it is not made as per your specifications, we will do our best to get it corrected or replaced without you incurring any extra cost.

If you have any other querry, please feel free to drop us a mail

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